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Adidas 'Nitro Charge'

About this video

Glassworks Amsterdam once again team up with Smuggler's Tristan Patterson, this time for the launch of adidas Nitrocharge, celebrating the 'engine' players that drive every game, and more importantly ... never quit. Ben Hartman from United State of Fans \ TBWA created a dream script and brief, allowing for genuine creative interpretation, and quite a few technical challenges.

To capture the essence of the relentless energy required on pitch, Tristan envisioned a film that forces the viewer's heartrate up to those of the players on screen, and an unconventional edit that drags you, kicking and screaming, through 60 seconds in the boots of players like De Rossi, Alves and Martinez. To achieve this, Glassworks Amsterdam were asked to design and integrate digital glitch effects that allowed each scene to bleed into, and influence the next. This process started before the shoot, allowing Tristan and the creatives to actually plan shots and the animatic prior to choreographing the players.

To add to the symbolism of the player's emotions and their significance in the game, our artists also created a variety of additional material ranging from manga animations,to in-game cgi animations featuring sprites of the hero players, and even filmed material in place of stock.

The result is a visually-arresting shot of pure digital adrenaline, destined to melt any media platform.


  • Advertising Agency
    United State of Fans \ TBWA
  • Production Company
  • Director
    Tristan Patterson
  • Agency Producer
    Michael Macmillan
  • Executive Creative Director / Copywriter
    Ben Hartman
  • Producer
    Ray Leaky
  • Editing Company
    The Whitehouse
  • Editor
    Charlie Harvey
  • Sound Design
    Wave Studios
  • Art director
    Martin Van de Heu

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