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Mini/BMW 'Mini vs Monster'

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Glassworks Amsterdam proudly announce completion of the Netherlands' first 3D stereoscopic commercial with the launch of Mini vs Monster.

BSUR'S creative director Jason Shragger and creative team Gian Carlo Lanfranco and Rolando Cordova have come up with another witty campaign for BMW's Mini cooper car. This commercial is set in the colourful, action-packed, all-American world of the Monster Truck rally. The truck revs it's engine, and the audience hold their breath, eachother, and their hotdogs, to see if the stunt driver will succeed in clearing all 4 vehicles in the new Mini family.

Glassworks were extremely happy to be approached by Swedish production company Camp David, to work on the Netherland's first stereoscopic commercial. The technical challenge, the chance to lead the way in the field of commercial stereoscopic filming, and director Robert Jitzmark's hilarious treatment, combined to make this a fantastic project to be involved in.

Morten Vinther, head of our 2d department, joined the crew on a dream shoot - Monster trucks, fireworks and Las Vegas - what more could you ask for! Being the VFX Supervisor on a stereoscopic shoot meant that his presence was key throughout the entire process. From start to finish, every stage of this project required a fresh and innovative approach; from the stereo Phantom rig, through to Glassworks' significant investment in upgrading all related hardwear and software. Everything was done to ensure that this project had state-of-the-art solutions on hand for whatever complications lay ahead. Markus Lauterbach led the cgi team, and with two previous non-commercial stereo projects under their belts, they brought valuable expertise to the project. They created everything from flames and explosions, to the fully-CG crowd, and they even doubled the size of the stadium. Ben Rogers graded the piece, giving the film a punchy, all-American feel to match the tone of Robert's treatment.

Although this was a technically demanding job, the relationships and humour within the entire team were maintained throughout, and everyone left with the satisfaction of a job well done.


  • Advertising Agency
  • Creative Director
    Jason Schragger
  • Copywriter
    Gian Carlo Lanfranco
  • Art director
    Rolando Cordova
  • International Account Supervisor
    Mia Drexel-Schegg
  • Agency Post Producer
    Niels Scheide
  • Production Company
    Camp David
  • Director
    Robert Jitzmark
  • Producer
    Anna Adamson
  • Editor
    Gregers Dohn @ Nostromo
  • Audio Studio
    Stopp Sweden
  • Audio Design
    Martin Dahl
  • Music
    Massive Music

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