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Crysis2 'Crysis2'

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Following the long-awaited release of Crytek's 'Crysis2', resting at the top of the charts since it's debut, Glassworks are proud to have created a series of 3d stereoscopic sequences, featured within the game itself. Our brief was to fill in the gaps' that couldn't be created by the game's own sophisticated engine, by designing and realising specific sequences depicting the nano-technology at work within the protagonist's body. We were asked to show, in microscopic detail, the nanobots merging with the 'nano suit'-wearer's muscle fibers, brain synapses etc allowing him to enhance his own physiology and ultimately become a super soldier.


Ruediger Kalthenhauser, our Head of 3D, was responsible for directing the action within all of our sequences, whilst the larger cg team were responsible for designing the nanobots themselves, storyboarding their journey through the body and over the surface of the suit, and then concepting and realising their incredible effect upon the wearer's body. All of this was then 'filmed' with stereo cgi cameras, before being composited in Flame and finally integrating some key 2d elements to enhance the sense of realism and detail.


The result was a series of 4 sequences depicting the process, at cellular level, when you select either the Strength, Stealth, Armour or Tactical modes within the game. The clip above is an edited excerpt from the game's intro sequence showing how our work was incorporated within their game engine footage. 


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