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Welcome Lauren and Rohan!

Born in L.A, Lauren Loftus started working in the industry at the tender age of 18 at the renowned HSI Productions.


At the beginning of her career, Lauren worked with big name directors such as Paul Hunter and Samuel Bayer, generating extensive knowledge of production to ultimately boosting her ability to deliver top notch media.


After a few years, Lauren decided to explore her aspirations in design and post-production and followed her yearn to be more creative.


In 2003, Lauren quickly fell in love with motion graphics, VFX and producing visually stunning commercials together with eye catching online campaigns.


With having almost 7 years of post production and producing high-end VFX commercials under her belt, Lauren left the U.S with her adorable dog Rohan.


Rohan was born on the streets of Taiwan in November 2015, his mother and siblings were rescued by ARTT and brought to the USA to find a better life.  He was adopted when he was just 3 months old and Lauren immediately changed his name from Chino to Rohan in homage to the Riders of Rohan from Lord of the Rings.


They spent a year in sunny LA together where Roh went everywhere with Lauren and the pair became inseparable! The moment Lauren decided to move to the Netherlands she knew her best buddy would have to come with her and we are so thankful he did.


Roh is the perfect addition to the Glassworks family and his cheeky personality and love for cuddles truly brighten's the day of everyone he meets!


A massive welcome to both of them. x

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