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ARTWORKS London...Cake On Tour

On October 6, Glassworks London celebrated the launch of ARTWORKS x Cake Film & Photography on Tour private exhibition. This latest edition of the ARTWORKS exhibition program, is a group show featuring work by emerging and established talent; Klaas Jan Kliphuis, Sabrina Bongiovanni, Michiel Meewis, Vanvincent, Sigurd Kranendonk, Martin Dijkstra, Scarlett Hooft Graafland, Romy Treebusch, Dennis Swiatkowski, Peggy Kuiper, and Sophie Hemels.

Each participating photographer and director was carefully selected from the roster of artists represented by Cake Film & Photography, a production company and agency based in Amsterdam who also beautifully curated the show.

The exhibition features a wide range of images, displaying both photography and film. The works on show explore a variety of themes from desolate landscapes and fashion, to a glimpse into the life of pedi cabs in Beijing. An exciting exhibition of quality work with a little something for everyone!

The Artworks team would like to send a special thank you to the artists’ and collaborators for a wonderful opening reception.

We would also like to extend a huge thank you to our sponsorship partners Jameson Irish Whiskey, for their signature smooth cocktails; Duvel and Vedett for providing us with excitingly distinct refreshing beers; and Fentimans Ltd for their botanically brewed, crisp ginger ale.

Of special mention are our music collaborators Sizzer Amsterdam for presenting the talented DJs Jazzy Jasper and Doctr who provided fresh tunes throughout the evening.

Thank you also goes out to De Koerier who safely transported the artworks from Amsterdam to London.

It was truly wonderful to see you all there! Your support for the artists we present and the ARTWORKS program has been greatly appreciated over the years. Already looking forward to making the next event another to remember!

Photography by Phaded.

Love, Artworks

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