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ARTWORKS Amsterdam | The Secret Life of the Pencil pt 2

For the past 7 years, the ARTWORKS program has been exhibiting contemporary artists, photographer, designers and film makers to a wide network of professionals in the creative industries. The latest edition of ARTWORKS opened last week in Amsterdam entitled,  ‘The Secret Life of the Pencil‘, showcasing works by photographers Mike Tinney and Alex Hammond. 


 ‘The Secret Life of the Pencil‘, a internationally touring show, is an exhibition project by the two artists highlighting the beauty of the pencil - a modest stylus -  through incredible high definition photographs. It is interesting the way in which the artists managed to capture the spirit of the person and their work in each photograph. The concept and command of craft not only allows the viewer to gain a deeper insight into the person behind the pencil, but has given new light to a tool often used and often overlooked. Some of the creators pencils on show include Sir William Blake, Anish Kapoor and Dougal Wilson to name a few.


The exhibition is in support of the Children in Crisis charity which looks to to help children who are suffering the effects of conflict & civil war.


ARTWORKS is proud to be supporting such a worthy cause, and the artists who are using their work to make a positive difference in this world. Thank you to all who came out to celebrate the opening of The Secret Life of the Pencil exhibition @Glassworksvfx in Amsterdam.


The installation images in this album are courtesy of Phaded. Photography, officially event photographers for the ARTWORKS ‘The Secret Life of the Pencil‘ exhibition opening.

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